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1Pack - RFA-67, RFA-67D-11 Battery for Petsafe PUL-250 PUL-275 Wireless Fence Receiver Bark Collar, 150mAh - sold by smavco

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  1. Capacity: 150mAh / Li-MnO2 / 6.0V / 0.90Wh
  2. Dimension: 17.30 x 17.30 x 15.78mm
  3. Compatible Models: Petsafe PBC00-10677, PBC-102, PBC-103, PBC19-10765, PBC23-10685, PBC-302, PDBC-300, PDT00-10675, PDT24-10792, PDT24-10793, PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Bark Collar, PIF-275-19, PIF-300, PIG00-10674, PIG00-10679, PIG19-10761, PIG19-10764, PIG23-10681, PIG23-10689, PRF-3004W, PRF-304W, PUL-250, PUL-275, PUSB-150, PUSB-300, RF-300, RF-304, SportDog Premium Bark Control Collar, SBC-18, SBC-6
  4. Compatible Original Battery Part nos: Petsafe & SportDog RFA-67, RFA-67D-11
  5. Battery Manufacturer - CameronSino
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